‘China Betrayed Us, It Can Happen To India,’ Tibet CTA President details ‘5-fingers’ Quest – Defence News of India

‘China Betrayed Us, It Can Happen To India,’ Tibet CTA President details ‘5-fingers’ Quest – Indian Defence Research Wing

SOURCE: Republic TV

While speaking exclusively to RepublicTV, President of Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) Dr Lobsang Sangay spoke about the expansionist policies of China, asking India to beware since Tibet had been betrayed in the same way. “For the last 60 years we have been saying, China had betrayed us. They sweet-talked us into a lot of things, violated all things they promised us. We have been betrayed, it could happen to you,” he said.

‘They may try Arunachal Pradesh…’”According to Mao, Tibet was the palm, they now want to go after the five fingers, Ladakh, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh. They came towards Sikkim in 2017, they tried Ladakh now, they may try Arunachal Pradesh tomorrow,” said Lobsang Sangay.

Lobsang Sangay stated that Tibet had since history acted as the buffer zone between India and China and there was no way to completely eradicate Chinese incursions into Indian territory without bringing up Tibet in the diplomatic talks.

“India has a historical relationship with Tibet, our culture, our language, our scripture came from India. Media should start saying its Indo-Tibet border, by calling our border as the China border, we are validating their claims. Tibet was the buffer zone between India and China. Tibet is the core issue of India. There is a need to declare that zone again for peace,” said the CTA President.

‘Tibetans feel for India’

Affirming Tibetans support for India post the violent Galwan face-off, Lobsang Sangay said, “I think Tibetans in US, New York, or Toronto, Manali wherever they could come during this pandemic to show solidarity with India, they did. That is the natural reaction of Tibetans. As his holiness calls himself a proud son of India, Tibetans in exile feel the same towards India for its support and generosity. We feel the pain.”

The CTA President also spoke about the new visa bans announced by the US on Chinese officials restricting access of foreigners’ access to Tibet saying that it was the “right message,” adding that the “international community needed to come together.” “This is the right message that the US government is sending. Anyone in Tibet or those Chinese officials who think they can get away and act with impunity, the US government will take action,” he said.

“Over the past few years, the US has realised China will not take the path of democracy. At the UN, 50 human rights experts have issued a statement saying they want to visit Tibet to witness the human rights violations taking place there and in surrounding regions in China and Xinjiang. The international community is coming together on this,” Lobsang Sangay added.