Dawood Ibrahim afraids of PM Narendra Modi’s return to power, holds meeting with ISI

Dawood Ibrahim afraid of PM Narendra Modi

Underworld Don Dawood Ibrahim, who is hiding in Pakistan for over two decades now, is very afraid after the return of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government to power, claim sources from Intelligence agencies. Sources added that the actions taken by Modi government after 2014 against Dawood and his aides have left him scurrying for cover and he was hoping to have ‘good times’ again after the defeat of BJP in Lok Sabha election 2019. It is learnt that Modi’s historic win has left Dawood completely rattled and he called some senior officers of Pakistan’s Intelligence agency ISI to express his fear. The fugitive don made the call shortly after the declaration of Lok Sabha election results on Thursday.

Sources said that during the meeting with ISI and Pakistan Army officials, Dawood also expressed serious concerns over PM Modi’s growing popularity and his growing ties with US and Israel. Dawood has reportedly urged the ISI and Pakistan Army to keep him safe from Indian security agencies.

Retired IPS officer P K Jain said that a lot of international equation will change after the return of PM Modi to power. He added that the psychological pressure on Pakistan and Dawood will definitely increase under Modi’s regime but the return of Dawood to India would depend on the kind of pressure which New Delhi would be able to exert on Islamabad.

Sources said that Dawood is fearful of the fact that, PM Modi would do anything to bring him back to India. The underworld don has told senior ISI officials that Indian security agencies would definitely launch operations to take him out from Pakistan under ISI’s nose. Dawood is also scared of the fact that American intelligence agency CIA and Israel’s security agency Mossad may also help India bringing him to justice. Sources said that ISI has assured Dawood that the senior officers of ISI would soon hold a meeting to hold discussions over this matter.

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Senior journalist S Balakrishnan said that National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval is already working on plans to decimate Dawood’s gang and it is likely that Dawood would meet his fate in the coming years. He added that Doval would definitely come up with a plan to either nab Dawood or kill him.

It is to be noted that Modi government has seized several illegal properties of Dawood in the last five years. Dawood’s brother Iqbal Kaskar was also brought back to India during Modi’s regime. Experts maintain that after succeeding in getting Jaish-e-Mohammad chief Masood Azhar as a global terrorist by the UN, the Indian government would now go after Dawood Ibrahim.