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Bollywood Star Farhan Akhtar shares Pakistani ISI propaganda

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); Bollywood Star Farhan Akhtar shared a photo about NRC...

Terrorist Adil Gulzar Sheikh Killed by Security Forces

Today Security Forces killed a terrorist of Hizbul Mujhideen in an encounter in Budgam. His name was Adil Gulzar Sheikh and he...

Indian Armed Forces Flag Day: 7th Dec 2019 Pawan Kalyan donated Rs 1...

The Indian Armed Forces Flag Day is observed every year to honor the soldiers, airmen and sailors of India who fought on...

China to Rewrite ‘Quran’ and ‘Bible’ for Chinese Muslims and Christians

China has decided to edit the Muslim religious book ‘Quran’ and the Christian community’s religious book ‘Bible’. China’s logic behind this is that...

‘दिलबर नेगी’ हाथ-पैर काट जिंदा आग में झोंक दिया The Wire’ ने डाला पर्दा

दिल्ली दंगो में सबसे वीभत्स मौत शायद 20 साल के इस मासूम दिलबर नेगी को मिली उत्तराखंड के रेहने वाला...
List of Indian Political Parties Which Supported And Opposed The Removal of Article 370

List of Indian Political Parties Which Supported And Opposed The Removal of Article 370

5th of August 2019 marks the brightest day in the history of India. On this day, the central government has removed the...

After CAA, illegal Bangladeshis are leaving India & Going to Bangladesh, 350 Arrested at...

After the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), illegal Bangladeshis who are living in India, are now returning back to Bangladesh due to fear...

Dawood Ibrahim afraids of PM Narendra Modi’s return to power, holds meeting with ISI

Underworld Don Dawood Ibrahim, who is hiding in Pakistan for over two decades now, is very afraid after the return of Prime...

Pakistani minister Rehman Malik shares 3 Porn-stars photos as Anti-CAA protesters

Former Pakistani Minister Senator Rehman Malik has shared the photos of Porn-stars as Anti-CAA protesters. Later, he deleted his tweet but it...

list of Some important work Done by Modi government in last 5 years

 Completed the country's largest Sardar Sarovar Dam, which was stuck for 65 years due to the construction of Iron Man Patel. Built the...

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तबलीगी जमात ये नाम देश इस वक़्त चर्चा में है देश भर में फैले कोरोना वायरस के कारण जहां 5 आदमी को...

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Today the whole world is suffering from the coronavirus crisis. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has already declared it a pandemic. So...