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Indian Armed Forces Flag Day: 7th Dec 2019 Pawan Kalyan donated Rs 1...

The Indian Armed Forces Flag Day is observed every year to honor the soldiers, airmen and sailors of India who fought on...
List of Indian Political Parties Which Supported And Opposed The Removal of Article 370

List of Indian Political Parties Which Supported And Opposed The Removal of Article 370

5th of August 2019 marks the brightest day in the history of India. On this day, the central government has removed the...

Dawood Ibrahim afraids of PM Narendra Modi’s return to power, holds meeting with ISI

Underworld Don Dawood Ibrahim, who is hiding in Pakistan for over two decades now, is very afraid after the return of Prime...
4th Prime Minister Of India Morarji Desai

This Indian Prime Minister Helped Pakistan Become A Nuclear Power

Indian Prime Minister Morarji Desai was the reason behind Pakistan achieving Nuclear Power so easily. This one mistake by him let Pakistan...
Sam Pitroda

Sam Pitroda Controversy & BJP Leaders Reaction

A day after Holi 2019, 2 Hashtags were trending on twitter. #JantaMaafNahiKaregi (the public will not forgive) & #CongForPakistan became top trends...
India vs Pakistan

Pakistan Cricket Board Lost to BCCI & Pays 1.6 Million as Compensation

Pakistan Cricket Board had filed a compensation case against the BCCI last year before the ICC’s Dispute Resolution Committee claiming around 70...
President Ram Nath Kovind Pic

President’s Rule in Jammu & Kashmir

After 22 years, Jammu & Kashmir once again fell into the President's Rule. Previously The President's rule in Jammu & Kashmir was...

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तबलीगी जमात की भूमिका संदेह के घेरे में फिदायीन तैयार करने का आरोप !

तबलीगी जमात ये नाम देश इस वक़्त चर्चा में है देश भर में फैले कोरोना वायरस के कारण जहां 5 आदमी को...

क्या corona वायरस से मौत के आंकड़े दुनिया से छिपा रहा है चीन??

कोरोना वायरस का भयावक रूप पूरे विश्व के सामने हैं इटली कोरोना वायरस से मौत के मामले में चीन से आगे निकल...

Coronavirus : A disaster or conspiracy by china or US??

Today the whole world is suffering from the coronavirus crisis. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has already declared it a pandemic. So...