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At India-Lanka joint exercise, Army personnel get lessons on perception management, information warfare

As a component of the India-Sri Lanka joint military exercise, which is centered around Counter Insurgency and Counter Terrorism (CI-CT) activities, the members are accepting exercises in discernment the board and data fighting, alongside human rights and humanitarian law.

Contingents from the Kumaon Regiment of the Indian Army and Gemunu Watch infantry regiment of Sri Lanka are at present experiencing a joint exercise named ‘Mitra Shakti’ to rehearse sub-unit level CI-CT activities in urban and provincial set-ups. This exercise is being directed under the United Nations (UN) order as both the armed forces add to the United National Peacekeeping Forces, which are sent in harried zones over the world.

The exercise is being held at the Foreign Training Node situated in Aundh Military station in the city. The day by day schedules of the exercise incorporate both open air preparing and study hall segments. Probably the most recent augmentations to the points instructed and examined in the homerooms are observation the executives and data fighting. The study hall sessions additionally have modules on human rights and helpful law, likewise called laws of armed conflict. The talks till now have likewise been about digital dangers, prisoner salvage and setback the board.

“Acts of insurgent groups and terror outfits against the nation-states are now not limited to conventional means. These outfits are now using social media to spread their agenda and gain sympathy in the populace of their target area. The media coverage of their acts also has an impact. The security forces have no option but to formulate strategies to deal with the issue.” said an Army officer.

“At policy level, Indian Army does have well-charted doctrines on perception management and information warfare. The unit-level contingents were introduced to these subjects through expert lectures on these topics. The contingents were also taught about human rights and the laws of armed conflict, the standards of which have to be adhered to while conducting CI-CT operations. Cyber crime or cyber terrorism is a rising threat and lectures on the extent of the problem and counter-strategies were also discussed in these lectures,” added the officer.

As a major aspect of the open air activities on Friday, the soldiers did specific joint preparing, which remembered quiet inclusion of groups for the objective region, wilderness fighting drills, helicopter-borne tasks, and preparing in taking care of ad libbed hazardous gadgets (IEDs), among others.

Colonel Virendra Adkar of Kumaon Regiment, who is the unexpected leader from the Indian side, stated, “During the fourteen day long exercise, we will attempt to gain from their drill and offer our accepted procedures with them. They carry with them a great deal of understanding, which we expect to gain from. This exercise demonstrates our responsibility to handling operational difficulties and to worldwide harmony all in all.”

The exercise began on December 1, a few days after recently chose Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Prime Minister Narendra Modi held talks, and handling fear mongering was one of the key issues examined by them. The arrangement, ‘Mitra Shakti’, which signifies ‘intensity of kinship’, was begun in 2012, primarily as a reaction to China’s endeavors to expand its impact in South Asia when all is said in done and Indian Ocean area specifically.