Ladakh conflict exposed poor Quality of Chinese ” Humvee” – Defence News of India

Ladakh conflict exposed poor Quality of Chinese ” Humvee” – Indian Defence Research Wing


Conflict broke out on the border between China and India in June, causing 43 casualties and shocking China and foreign countries. Nearly two months later, there was a wild rumor on the Internet in the mainland that two senior officials of the special equipment department of the Chinese military vehicle manufacturer Dongfeng Motor were dismissed because they were bribed to purchase low-quality steel as raw materials, causing casualties to Chinese soldiers.

Military commentator Huang Dong told “Apple” that he believed this incident was credible, and the incident also showed the tip of the iceberg of military abuses. Senior current affairs commentator Liu Ruishao pointed out that the incident involved military secrets and it is difficult to verify it. More observation is needed to determine that the high-level fall is related to the Sino-Indian border conflict.

About two weeks after the conflict between China and India at the end of May, Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd. issued a notice stating that Zhou Wangsheng, deputy general manager of the Special Equipment Division (Dongfeng Off-Road Vehicle Co., Ltd.), was suspected of serious violations of discipline and law, and is currently accepting discipline by the Dongfeng Motor Group Disciplinary Committee. Examined and supervised the investigation by Shiyan Municipal Supervisory Committee, and was taken lien measures.

In early June, Chen Jianxian, the former deputy chief engineer of Dongfeng Motor Group, was also under review for suspected serious violations of discipline and law; Chen Jianxian, like Zhou Wangsheng, belonged to the Dongfeng Special Equipment Division, responsible for the R&D department, and concurrently served as the deputy general manager of Dongfeng Off-Road. Within a month, the two executives were dismissed and both belonged to the Dongfeng off-road vehicle department. The industry speculated that the two cases might be related. The reason for Chen Zhou’s investigation has not yet been announced.

Online rumours began earlier this month that the Sino-Indian border conflict led to a malpractice. During the conflict, the “Mengshi” armored military vehicle produced by Dongfeng Motor was vulnerable to a single blow. “The body was penetrated and the soldier was killed.” It was discovered by the military that the bulletproof steel was replaced by low-cost products. Dongfeng and the low-quality raw material factory each divided 60 million yuan (the same below, about 67.03 million Hong Kong dollars), and the company again divided the stolen goods. 5,000 Dongfeng chariots were returned.

Regarding this malpractice case, Huang Dong believes that the incident is relatively “fresh.” He believes that “chicken rebellion in a cage” has always occurred, but “there is a spectrum for making a mistake.” In addition, the conflict between China and India is concerned by all circles. However, he believes that the current probability of ground warfare is actually not high, but it can be seen that this situation has already appeared in the army’s equipment. “How much water will there be in the navy and air force” can be imagined. Huang Dong also believes that this incident involves a powerful car factory, and whether other generals and officials will be investigated again is worthy of attention.

Huang Dong also said that similar serious abuses occurred in about 2009. The protagonist was the J-11B fighter that was active in the South China Sea and the surrounding areas of Taiwan. After the factory received the money, it was outsourced to “my friend” for production. The Air Force refuses to accept aircraft produced in the past two years. “They are all tied up to an airport.” The factory has to constantly revise it until the quality is qualified. The military is willing to accept it.

Liu Ruishao believes that the incident involved military secrets and it is difficult to verify it. More observation is needed to determine that the high-level fall is related to the Sino-Indian border conflict; Former Deputy Minister Gu Junshan is most famous for the embezzlement of military assets.

As for whether military corruption will affect China’s combat capabilities? Liu Ruishao believes that looking at the military alone, especially for the United States, China will definitely not fight, because once the “gun and misfire” will trigger an ultra-restricted warfare, in addition to actual combat, finance, technology and other aspects will cause a storm; plus China has not fought a war since 1979, and its true combat capability is unknown.

However, internal media reported today that Dongfeng Off-Road Vehicles issued a statement yesterday saying that the company was informed on Monday that the quality of the military vehicles supplied by individual personnel was poor due to the corruption of individual personnel, and finally caused the rumors of the People’s Liberation Army’s sacrifice on the front lines of China and India. . The netizen involved “God Bless All Living Beings” Zhou X was arrested by the police at 6 pm on Tuesday. Zhou X confessed to spreading the rumors and wrote an apology letter to express regret.

Dongfeng Motor’s Special Vehicle Division has three series of models in the defense market, security market, and military and civilian markets. Among them, the off-road series belong to the defense market. From the 1970s to the present, Dongfeng has successfully developed three generations of defense vehicles; 2006 Dongfeng, based on the U.S. Hummer’s high-mobility multi-purpose vehicle, developed the “Dongfeng Warrior” high-mobility defense vehicle, which is used for troop training, peacekeeping and counter-terrorism, earthquake relief, and military parades.

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