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Punjab CM on border standoff – Indian Defence Research Wing


Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh, who himself is an Army veteran, on Friday urged the Central govt to deal with the border standoff with China with an iron fist if the neighbouring nation was not responding to diplomatic efforts to resolve the issue. He, however, stressed that India does not want war with China but “will not accept it’s bullying”.

While addressing a video conference, Captain Amarinder Singh said, “As sovereign nations, both countries should find a diplomatic solution to the problem. India does not want war but we will not accept bullying by China. We want peace, but they cannot push us around. The Chinese had to be pushed back, out of the Indian territory.”

“The problem needs to be resolved through negotiations and diplomacy, but we cannot turn our back to the threat posed by the aggressive moves of the Chinese at the border,” he added.

The Punjab Chief Minister went on to say that China has to leave the Indian territory in which it has moved in and on which it has no right. The Indian Armed forces are now much more modernised and equipped than they were back in 1962, and China can not afford to take us lightly, he said.

Border standoff between India, China continues in Ladakh

Army officials of both the countries have interacted through video conferencing on multiple occasions now to discuss the ongoing border standoff at Ladakh and has come to an agreement that they should handle “their difference through peaceful dialogue” while respecting each other’s concerns and insecurities.

It should be noted that both Indian and Chinese armies are currently locked in a standoff with India stating that Chine is undertaking activities which are hindering India’s normal patrolling patterns at the border. India has also stressed that its troops fully follow the alignment of the Line of Actual Control (LAC) at the India-China border.