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SFI leader held; India slams China as it tries to spread anti-India agenda – Defence News of India


The violence that broke out at Wistron Infocomm Manufacturing India Pvt Ltd in Kolar has led to political unrest in the state after Student Federation of India’s (SFI) local president’s arrest. India has slammed China as it tried to use this incident to malign India, it’s media issued statements that said that Indian labour was chaotic.

The local president of SFI, Comrade Srikanth was arrested after allegations of a BJP MP in the probe being carried out after violence erupted at an iPhone manufacturing plant in Kolar on Saturday. Workers and labours got engaged in violent activities in the plant and alleged that they were not being paid their salaries and wages on time and were being underpaid.

China tried to promote its anti-India agenda after this incident and went on to say, “This is the potential risk when manufacturers consider moving their production lines out of China where they have most stable labor market supporting the nation to become the largest manufacturing hub. Does Terry Gou from Foxconn, regret about moving those iPhone lines to India.”

Apple sent its team of auditors to investigate the actual cause of violence. Reportedly, Wistron company has suffered losses of more than Rs 437 crore. In the complaint filed by the iPhone manufacturing plant, it is stated that the heavy losses have been caused due to theft of thousands of iPhones and damage of property.