Two India-made warships enter the water today - Broadsword by Ajai Shukla

In a first, the Minister of Defense simultaneously launches an indigenous destroyer and a frigate

By Vikas Gupta

trade standard, 16 May 21

In a historic event in the construction of indigenous warships, two Indian Navy capital warships will be launched simultaneously at Mazgaon Dock Ltd (MDL) in Mumbai on Tuesday.

The warships, designed at the Naval Design Directorate (MDN) and built entirely at MDL, are the Project 15B destroyer called Indian Navy Ship (INS) Surat and the Project 17A frigate INS Oudaygiri. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh will chair both events.

The navy’s in-house design house, DND, designed the four destroyers under construction under Project 15B and seven frigates under Project 17A.

DND is the source of all navy warship design. During the construction phase, MDL has ordered around 75% of the equipment and systems from local companies, including micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), the Ministry of Defense (MoD) said in a statement.

INS Surat and a historic shipbuilding town

INS Surat is the fourth destroyer of Project 15B, under which MDL is building four 7,400-ton guided-missile destroyers. These are called the Visakhapatnam class after the lead ship, INS Visakhapatnam .

According to naval tradition, destroyers are named after Indian cities. It started at the turn of the century with Project 15, under which three destroyers were built: INS Delhi in 1997, INS Mysore in 1999 and INS Bombay in 2001.

Project 15 was followed by the three-destroyed project 15A, including the lead warship, INS Kolkata was commissioned in 2014, INS Kochi in 2015 and INS Chennai in 2016.

Currently in progress is Project 15B, including the first destroyer, INS Visakhapatnamwas commissioned last November and the other three – INS Mormugao, Imphal and Surah – must be commissioned every year, in 2022, 2023 and 2024.

The unit cost of these destroyers has steadily increased. Project 15B is expected to cost a total of around 35,800 crore – or ~8,950 crore per vessel.

INS Surat is named after the commercial capital of Gujarat, which is also the second largest commercial hub in western India after Mumbai. Surat has a rich maritime and shipbuilding history. Ships built in the city in the 16and and 18and centuries were renowned for their longevity – shooting over 100 years.

(INS) Surah was built using the block construction methodology, which involves building hulls at two different geographical locations and bringing them together at MDL, Mumbai,” the Ministry of Defense said on Monday.

INS Udaygiri: When oceans meet mountains

INS Oudaygiri follows the tradition of naming Indian frigates after the country’s mountain ranges. It started with Project 17, which produced three frigates: INS Shivalik in 2010, INS Satpura in 2011 and INS Sahyadri in 2012.

Project 17 is followed by project 17A, under which seven frigates are being built – four at MDL and three at Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers (GRSE), Kolkata. These 6,600 ton frigates are reincarnations of the six-ship Leander class, or Nilgiri class, which included INS Nilgiri (commissioned 1972, decommissioned 1996); INS Himgiri (1974, 2005); INS Oudaygiri (1976, 2007); INS Dunagiri (1977, 2010); INS Taragiri (1980, 2013) and INS Vindhyagiri (1981, 2012).

The Nilgiri class, named after the first in class, INS Nilgiriwere the first Indian warships that saw the navy achieve significant levels of design and indigenization.

INS Oudaygiri is named after a mountain range in Andhra Pradesh and will follow INS Nilgiri in service.

The seven Project 17A frigates are the first to incorporate modular shipbuilding technologies, for which the MDL and GRSE shipyards have been significantly modernized.

“Various innovative concepts and technologies such as integrated construction, megablock outsourcing, project data management/project lifecycle management (PDM/PLM), etc. have been adopted for the first time in the design and construction of indigenous warships in this project,” the Defense Ministry announced on Monday. .