Grene Robotics enhances anti-drone capabilities; acquires deep-tech defence IP from Apogee C4I LLP - Broadsword by Ajai Shukla

Grene Robotics believes that all weak RCS threats should be consolidated and addressed using a single system

by Ajai Shukla

Defence News of India, 10 Mar 23

In 2021, a small Hyderabad-based company, Grene Robotics, introduced the Indrajaal, which it touted as the world’s only complete, self-contained anti-drone security system. Each Indrajaal system covers areas as large as 4,000 square kilometers.

On Tuesday, Grene Robotics went even further by finalizing the acquisition of a command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and targeting (C4ISRT) platform from Apogee C4I LLP, an indigenous defense technology one of a kind. business.

Currently, many anti-drone systems are treated as if drones are the only low radar cross-section (RCS) threat in the tactical battlefield. Many systems qualify as low RCS weapons, including roam munitions, smart bombs, rocket showers, nano and micro drones, and more.

However, existing air defense systems are not designed to deal with low RCS threats. Grene Robotics believes that all weak RCS threats should be consolidated and addressed using a single system.

“Indrajaal is the only anti-drone system in the world capable of defending against all classifications and levels of autonomous drones. With the integration of Apogee’s advanced deep technology platform, we aim to strengthen Indrajaalits anti-drone capabilities,” said Kiran Raju, Founder and CEO of Grene Robotics.

“We financed all our operations ourselves over a period of several years. In Innovation for Defense Excellence (iDEX), we won an iDEX challenge three years ago. Identifying next-generation threats was the problem statement that we attempted as part of the airspace management segment,” Raju said.

With insufficient funding sources, Grene Robotics has continued to seek funding from its own resources for the past 14 years. As part of this, it strategically acquired Apogee C4I’s deep technology intellectual property to enhance its UAV and anti-drone defense program.

This decision should significantly strengthen Grene Robotics’ capabilities in the defense sector. It will also lead to greater implementation nationally and internationally, making Grene Robotics a global leader in the counter drone security systems.

“The combined capabilities of Grene Robotics and Apogee C4I will help set a new industry standard for anti-drone solutions, future proof protection against emerging low RCS threats,” the Wing Commander said. MVN Sai (retired), Director of Emerging Technologies, Grene Robotique.

According to Vamsi Vellanki, who manages the finances of Grene Robotics, the global anti-drone market will reach US$12.6 billion by 2030, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 27.65% from 2022 to 2030.

“Grene Robotics employs 70 people, including at least 45 for 14 years. They invested in the business. A lot of money has been sunk in this process; more than $30 million has been spent,” says Raju.