Small Indian firm gets first order for product created under iDEX - Broadsword by Ajai Shukla

By Vikas Gupta

Defence News of India, 16 Mar 23

Given its arsenal of around 5,000 tanks, 3,000 infantry fighting vehicles, 4,000 artillery guns and rocket launchers and over 12,000 trucks, the Indian army is one of the largest customers in the world for “Integrated Mobile Camouflage Solutions” (IMCS), to hide all these vehicles. .

The first breakthrough in this billion-dollar market was made by an Indian defense start-up, Hyper Stealth Technologies Private Limited (HSTPL). The firm announced on Wednesday that it had won an order for IMCS, becoming the first recipient of the Department of Defense’s Innovations for Defense Excellence (iDEX) program to receive an order from the Indian Armed Forces.

The company, which specializes in manufacturing stealth management solutions, previously won the iDEX Startup Challenge award for “Adaptive Stealth Coating Solutions”.

Along with artificial intelligence (AI), quantum computing and machine learning, stealth technologies are seen as the winning element in futuristic battlefields.

The technology proposed by HSTPL for incorporation into a new product is estimated to reduce the detection range of modern sensors (infrared, thermal and radar) by 50%. The added protection offered to armed forces platforms and service personnel greatly increases the chances of survival.

The same technology can be used in all three services: for Indian Air Force (IAF) aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and aircraft shelters; stealth warships and underwater periscopes for the navy; and tanks, armored vehicles, artillery guns, rocket launchers and bunkers etc. for the army.

“We are extremely honored to receive the first order in iDEX history. In line with the dream of our Prime Minister of Atamanirbhar Bharat, we are offering a 100% Indian Designed, Developed and Manufactured (IDDM) Stealth Solution, Made in India for our Armed Forces,” said Manish Dalmmia, Co-Founder of HSTPL.

“To meet the challenge of being detected by sensors, Hyper Stealth has worked on developing, designing and manufacturing stealth solutions to protect our armed forces against a multitude of threats and challenges in the modern warfare scenario.” “Invisible is undefeated – you can’t hit something you can’t see,” he added.

HSTPL was founded in 2016 with its headquarters in New Delhi. Besides manufacturing multi-spectral camouflage nets and tents, its product portfolio includes adaptive heat signature management paints, radar and infrared camouflage paints. The fundamental objective of HSTPL is to achieve “Perfect Signature Management”, so that our own force assets are unidentifiable by all modern surveillance and identification systems.