After the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), illegal Bangladeshis who are living in India, are now returning back to Bangladesh due to fear of Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

Many incidents are being reported that People have started leaving India and going to Bangladesh.

Recently, More than 350 people, including women and children, have been arrested by Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) when they were trying to enter into Bangladesh.

According to Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) officials, After passing of Citizenship Amendment Bil (CAB) in the Indian Parliament, people from near border areas are entering into Bangladesh due to fear.

According to Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) officials, Detained people claimed that they had gone to India for livelihood, but failed to provide any valid documents.

Major Qamarul Islam of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) said, “We are keeping close watch on border. No one is allowed to enter or leave illegally. But many border areas between India-Bangladesh are open and people come illegally from those areas and Many people have been arrested due to this.”